Mike E. Winfield

Mike E. Winfield


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About Mike E. Winfield

Mike E Winfield grew up in the inner city of Baltimore, MD. In his years of school, his teachers always selected him as the master of ceremonies despite his shy demeanor. The confidence to be in front of large groups was created. Later he discovered he could share his humor, in the likings of a college speech class unintentionally. He shared speeches daily. There was no written humorous content in these speeches but he somehow seemed to entertain students and
staff in a comedic fashion, and that’s when he realized he had the gift.

The local open mic was once a week on Tuesdays and he never missed a night, often putting other aspects of his life to the side. Despite a tough road, countless performances have earned him appearances such as Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, BET’s Comicview, and most recently, his network
television debut on The Late Show w/ David Letterman. You can also see him recurring on The Office as “Warehouse worker”. He’s a clear example of where hard work collides with something special.