The Most Offensive Show on Earth

The Most Offensive Show on Earth


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About The Most Offensive Show on Earth

Travis Charles is a 16 year veteran comic out of Richmond VA. His humor tends to come directly from his life experiences, for better or worse. His brutal honesty about his life and the world in general is somehow both abrasive and endearing. As the creator of the hilarious “The Most Offensive Show on Earth” him and his friends Kyle Kemper, Jon Morris and Nick Taylor are not at all afraid to push some of the boundaries of good taste in a way that stays somehow remarkably palatable.
Travis has been seen on the MTV, Travel Channel, Comcast OnDemand, and FOX. Travis has also received Millions and Millions of views on his Facebook reels and TikTok. A polished, professional comedian Travis is sure to please crowds of all kinds.

The Most Offensive Show is a place where comedians can tell all the not so politically correct type of humor that’s most shows no longer allow. It’s a safe place for comics to feel free on stage and allow audience members that have an actual sense of humor and aren’t easily offended to enjoy themselves. So please if you get triggered or offended by words then maybe you should stay home with mommy.