Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat


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About Ms. Pat

Most moms are pretty friendly. Some are firm. A few are even a bit free-spirited. But rarely do you come across a mom who''s truly funny. Ms. Pat, a bold, brash Atlanta mother of four, just so happens to be that rare case, pouring punchlines across stages at the rate other moms pour milk at the counter.

With a comedy career spilling over six years, this wacky woman brings a hardcore, in-your-face perspective to her shows audiences simply can''t get enough of So, while most mothers are busy keeping their houses in order, Ms. Pat appears well on her way to becoming a household name in the comedic world. When this mom hugs a microphone, her presence is so fierce and her jokes so funny that she literally leaves audiences gasping for more. Folks, momma always said there would be days like this. She just never told us they would be this darn funny.

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