Sunday Night Gootz

Sunday Night Gootz


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About Sunday Night Gootz

Long Island native Mike Keegan is a super likeable high energy comedian. His extremely relatable act pokes fun at his neurotic Italian family and his distant but loving Irish family as well as past relationships and experiences being a larger American. He was the runner up for Funniest Comic on the East Coast at Mohegan Sun and can be seen in major comedy clubs across the United States. He is the co-host of The Herschy And The Keegs Show podcast and is a mainstay at the Governors chain of Comedy Clubs on Long Island.

Andrew Schiavone is a New York City based stand up comedian who has been featured on SiriusXM, Comcast, and is the co-host of the Panic Attacking Podcast His relatable comedy involves commenting on anxiety and his love of awkward encounters. Andrew’s jokes have been featured on Betches, TheDad, BroBible, eBaumsworld, and he has performed in multiple comedy festivals throughout the country.

Andrew Lee has been performing stand up for many years in NY, NJ, PA and CT. He is the co-host of "Gootzs wrestling pod" a jighly sucessgul wrestlibg podcast He has been a feature act in Atlantic City for many years. He also produces chatity shows around Manhattan.

Ray Gootz is a standup comic based out of NYC. He has opened for Drew Lynch John Witherspoon and Steve-O. He has written for salon magazine and has been heard on SiriusXM. You can catch him on his 2 podcasts the Gootzcast in which he covers the world of wrestling and Gootz's Disney pod in which him and another NYC comic review and roast a different Disney film each week.