Messages From Heaven 2.0

Messages From Heaven 2.0


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About Messages From Heaven 2.0

Wednesday May 2, 2018

Tickets :$25
Mediumship LIVE on Stage at The Funny Bone Comedy Club
Rebecca Anne LoCicero Presents Messages from Heaven (tm) 2.0 Her daughter, a 2nd generation psychic medium joins her to share messages from your loved ones in spirit! Experience Julia as she will be opening the evenings event and sharing her gifts, Julia Jette is a natural intuitive medium, compassion and emotion alongside positive accurate messages. Rebecca Anne has been presenting and sharing her gifts in the New England area for over 23 years.
With laughter and lights, the spirits will rock the room as the medium runs around and connects right to the loved ones spirit directs her to! Enjoy the event, learn about mediumship and see live readings!

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Bar and Menu available

Sunday November 18th, is the same event as this upcoming May 2nd,
Just Rebecca Anne, Sunday with light breakfast. $25